My name is Sam Simmons and I’m an activist for women’s reproductive and health rights.

In March of 2016, the women’s family planning clinic I’ve trusted for ten years with my reproductive health suddenly had the presence of religious anti-abortion protesters outside its doors despite not being an abortion provider. Nonetheless, every Wednesday they show up with their signs and non-factual informational cards to harass the female patients “of reproductive age”.

With my social anxiety, lack of confidence, and dislike for confrontation, I thought I would be the last person to stand up to them. In an odd turn of events, a concert inspired me to fight back.

So welcome to Accidental Activist Adventures, my personal website to share my experiences, research, and musings involving women’s reproductive and health rights and standing up to the protesters outside my clinic.

To read more on how I became an activist, click here to read “Accidental Beginnings”.

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