Anti-Abortion Logic: Covid-19 Will Save Lives (Re-Examined)

A previous blog post dissected the antiabortion idea that “If Covid-19 forces Planned Parenthood to be closed for two weeks, the virus will have SAVED more lives than it has taken.” As antiabortion supporters believe that fetuses are people, they believe the amount of lives that would be saved from abortion related death during this hypothetical shut down would be greater than the total amount of lives Covid-19 has taken.

Over three months after the first reported Covid-19 death, this logic has not held up even with the idea that fetuses are people in mind.

Planned Parenthood’s last annual report states that they performed 345,672 abortions, averaging out to 947 abortions per day. Based on this daily average, Planned Parenthood would perform 13,258 abortions in two weeks.

As of June 3, the CDC reports that that Covid-19 death toll in the US and its affiliated jurisdictions is 106, 202 deaths. Currently, this would average to 1,117 deaths per day. If this average held up, 15,638 people would die from Covid-19.

15,638 (Covid-deaths) – 13,258 (abortions) = 2,380 more people dying from Covid-19 than Planned Parenthood abortion.

Currently at this point in time, Covid-19 is resulting in more deaths than abortion performed by Planned Parenthood. This is assuming that fetuses are people and therefore an abortion results in the death of a person. However, data on abortion-related deaths relates to women who died from complications of having the procedure and not pregnancies that were terminated. As stated in the previous blog, 108 women died from complications from the procedure between 1998 and 2010. The death toll on Covid-19 this year is currently 983x times more than the death toll of abortion related deaths in a 12 year time span. Currently, there hasn’t been a single report of anyone dying from abortion complications this year. Covid-19: 106K+. Abortion: Zero.

Whether you believe fetuses are people or not, closing down Planned Parenthood would not save more lives than the virus has taken.