Dissecting Antiabortion Opinion Pieces: “Cause to Rejoice (on all sides)”

An old friend came up to the coffee booth I was running at work during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales and I met his fiancée. He complimented me on my work supporting women’s clinics and she realized I was the one writing the “awesome letters” in response to the “prolife pastor”. I explained he wrote another one, but that I wasn’t going to respond to it.

“It’s Christmas,” I said. What I really meant was “Its Christmas so I’m dealing with enough heavy bullshit on my plate without making exchanges in the paper with an antiabortion pastor who thinks he’s a crusader for human life when actually he’s a major asshole with a side of homophobia, transphobia, and contempt for other religions and branches of Christianity that aren’t his own.”

She was disappointed in my answer and said I should write something anyways regardless of the holidays.

I don’t feel like publishing a letter. I already have regular, slightly out of control anxiety topped with holiday anxiety so the last thing I need is anxiety from needlessly worrying about the potential verbally written backlash from Faust and his half-witted cronies. But, weirdly enough, putting out a letter dissection post on my barely read blog doesn’t sound like an anxiety inducing idea. So dissect Faust’s latest antiabortion offerings to the local paper: “Cause to Rejoice (on all sides)”

“Cause to Rejoice (on all sides)”

The Guttmacher Institute recently reported that abortion levels are the lowest since 1973. This should be cause for everyone, regardless of religion or politics to rejoice. Liberals, who for decades have touted that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare”, should be happy. Abortion is still legal, only about a dozen moms die each year during the procedure and the number of abortions is at record lows.

Strange that an antiabortion supporter would use a Guttmacher report as a source considering Guttmacher started off as a research branch of Planned Parenthood, the antiabortion movement’s #1 target, and many antiabortion supporters accuse the now independent organization of still being connected to the “abortion giant”. Then again, antiabortion supporters will use just about anything if it supports their side of the abortion debate—including sources they claim is in cohoots with Planned Parenthood.

As for abortion related deaths, the CDC states, “Deaths of women associated with complications from abortion are assessed as part of CDC’s Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System. In 2015, the most recent year for which data were reviewed for abortion-related deaths, two women were identified to have died as a result of complications from legal induced abortion and for one additional death, it was unknown whether the abortion was induced or spontaneous.” Two (possibly three) deaths relating to legal abortion is much lower than the “about a dozen” Faust is pulling out of his ass. Yes, I assume he pulled those numbers out of his ass because I didn’t find anything that claims this (whether actual data or antiabortion propaganda).

Planned Parenthood should be happy since they claim abortion is only three percent of what they do. In fact, to be consistent, they should seek to make them even rarer.

You mean with contraceptives that Planned Parenthood was able to provide to the poor and uninsured for free or at a discount until a new rule forced them out of the Title X program? Here’s an idea: don’t suggest that Planned Parenthood should prevent abortions after crusading against them having funding that allowed them to do just that.

Pro-lifers should be happy, because fewer babies are being dismembered, vacuumed from the womb, and having their body parts sold.

Ah, the old and cliché “Planned Parenthood sells body parts” myth. By the way, wasn’t the guy that created those hoax videos that created this myth recently charged with conspiring to commit fraud?

But the question behind this statistic remains, why the steady decrease in the number of abortions over the last decades? Why do most Americans identify as pro-life?

According to the most recent Gallup poll, 49% of Americans identified as prolife, 46% prochoice, 2% mixed or neither, 2% didn’t know what the terms meant, and 2% had no opinion. That same Gallup poll stated that 60% of people polled did not want to see Roe V Wade overturned and 60% think that abortion should be legal in the first trimester. Why do almost 2/3 of Americans not want to see Roe V Wade overturned and support abortion in the first trimester if “most Americans are prolife”? Even if we assume that number is made up of the pro-choice and miscellaneous categories, we’re left with 8% that is unaccounted for — that remaining 8% has to come from the prolife category. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but that statistically amounts to over 26 million pro-lifers that do not want Roe overturned and think first trimester abortion should be legal.

Therefore, correction: slightly over half of Americans identify as prolife and not all of them are actually antiabortion.

Side note, the poll stated that 62% of people aged 18-29 and 37% of people aged 65+ were pro-choice. So almost 2/3 of the people in the age range where you’re likely to get pregnant think women should have a choice regarding their pregnancies.

One likely reason is the undeniable scientific fact that abortion takes the life of a living human being.

Faust referenced a Guttmacher report for the basis of this letter and then cherry picked out the report’s possible explanations for the declining rates in favor of his own interpretation of reality.

“Fertility rates declined in almost all states between 2014 and 2017, and it is unlikely that the decline in abortion was due to an increase in unintended births.” Additionally, they noted “Factors that may have contributed to the decline in abortion were improvements in contraceptive use and increases in the number of individuals relying on self-managed abortions outside of a clinical setting.”

Translation: More women are preventing abortion and births through pregnancy prevention with contraceptives and more women are performing abortions on themselves.

Advances in medical knowledge such as ultrasound technology have given us a window into the womb. Entire textbooks describe details of development in the womb. We know of the various markers of growth from the miracle of conception to the first heartbeat to the functioning of each bodily system cumulating in birth. At each stage of the process the baby is 100% human as much as any of us outside the womb.

Just as a sprouted acorn still buried beneath the ground 100% oak. Do we call it a tree? Not likely.

There is no reason why one human should be denied the right to life because of size, location, development, or degree of dependency.

Interesting he mentioned “location” considering he agrees with abortion in ectopic pregnancies, which occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube and not the uterine lining. (I’m aware of this agreement because our conversations outside the clinic led to him admitting he agreed with abortion for health reasons, I called him out on this in a letter some time later, and his next letter stated he meant ectopic pregnancies and accused me of knowing this. I truly wasn’t aware he meant ectopic pregnancies only when that conversation occurred.)

But what about the woman’s life? She’s a fully developed human that’s already been birthed. What about her “right to life”? Or is that completely ignored in favor of developing, potential life that’s so easy to advocate for because you can imagine it as anything you want (people that can discover the cure cancer, etc)?

Evidently, most people agree and so abortion rates are falling.

Again, according to the Gallup poll, slightly over half of Americans identify as prolife and the data shows that not all of them are actually antiabortion.

What a greater day of rejoicing it will be when the number of abortions becomes zero because every life is welcomed and loved.

Yes, it’s something to rejoice if women are having wanted pregnancies and aren’t being forced to carry unwanted pregnancies because of antiabortion policy or harassment.

Let’s assume for the moment Faust is right that abortion rates are falling because “most Americans” are antiabortion and “undeniable scientific fact”. If that’s the case, surely he doesn’t need to waste his time writing these monthly opinion pieces condemning abortion and he’s just pandering to an audience when his time could be better spent on helpful initiatives. Pro-life supporters have zero need to harass women at reproductive healthcare clinics (many which don’t even offer abortion services) as women are choosing to give birth rather than terminate their unwanted pregnancies. Since more women are giving birth, resulting in more people outside the womb, perhaps Faust and his group of crusaders for human life that supposedly believe “every life is welcome and loved” can stop with their useless monthly meetings and quarterly group newsletters and actually give their time to helping living, breathing people. May I suggest starting with one of the local non-profit organizations like Network for Youth and Project Christmas, which were featured in short articles surrounding Faust’s letter?

These people preach that they fostered children when confronted with the fact they do nothing to help children, but I’ve never seen or heard about any of them volunteering their time or money to an organization that started off as a non-profit that helps children aging out of the foster care system. I recently held a bake sale for Network for Youth–Faust and the rest of them did not come to show their support for the sale that was heavily advertised on the radio, newspaper, and Facebook. They weren’t at the bake sale at last year’s Kristkindl festival. The owner typically thanks people by name on Facebook for helping out the organization and I never have seen any the names I recognize as antiabortion supporters that claim to care about children pop up in a post. It doesn’t surprise me–One year, the Life Chain was on the bridge as NYF was having a car wash at the fire station parking lot at the bottom of the bridge. The owner went up to the protesters, explained what her organization does, and asked for donations: she got about $80 out of 55 people (that isn’t even $1.50 per person). They boost about caring for foster children when confronted at their protests, but doesn’t help an organization that wants to help foster children and at risk youth?

I could go on, but I’ll save it for another time.

I’ll rejoice when women aren’t being harassed outside their clinics and treated like they can make decisions regarding their own pregnancies without fear and intimidation. I’ll rejoice even more if our local “prolife” ever stops doing useless self-serving things to boost their own egos under the guise of caring for human life and actually starts doing things that actually helps human lives more than harassment and letters ever will.

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