Anti-Abortion Logic: Demanding contraceptive use after defunding Planned Parenthood

Anti-abortion supporters immediately celebrated when Planned Parenthood withdrew from the Title X program they would have been kicked off anyways due to not complying with the “gag rule” regulation. Except Title X wasn’t funding abortions—it was helping Planned Parenthood provide reproductive healthcare and family planning services for free or on a sliding scale. It’s as if the anti-abortion movement has no clue as to why they’re celebrating and don’t care about the repercussions as long as it deals a blow to “Planned Murderhood” (as they so affectionately call the healthcare provider).

This ignorance is painfully obvious with a few anti-abortion supporters now telling women to use birth control.

Examples include:

“Keep em crossed or birth control or adoption.”

“A woman’s decision should be what kind of contraceptive use! That’s the only choice one should make! If you’re not intelligent enough to use contraceptive, you are certainly not intelligent enough to raise a child! Simple as that!”

“All you hoes better learn how to use birth control instead of taking away someone else’s life by aborting. Pro abortion is not pro choice you fucking demons.”


Birth control? Do they mean like the kind my Planned Parenthood clinic you want to see shut down provides? Interesting.

So let me see if I got this right: Anti-abortion supporters crusaded for and then celebrated Planned Parenthood losing funding that allowed them to offer contraceptives for women who couldn’t afford them and then some of those same supporters have the audacity to tell their patients to use birth control—you know, like the kind that Planned Parenthood could have offered for free when they were still eligible for Title X grants.

Here’s an idea, Anti-Choice Supporters: Don’t tell women to use birth control if you’re for the defunding and shutdown of their clinics that provide birth control.

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