Update on former BRF Essential Health Clinic protesters


As stated in my last post, Last Day of Essential Health Clinic of Black River Falls, the Essential Health Clinic in Black River Falls has closed due to funding issues and I had theorized this wouldn’t be the last we would see of this group of “sidewalk counselors”.  Turns out, I might be correct in thinking that.

One of our now-former BRF Essential Health Clinic protesters, Brian, occasionally shares posts from an antiabortion activist named Matthew Wiersema. For several months, I’ve been following the various activist activities of this person…mostly to report his graphic photos of dead fetuses/babies and read up on his activist adventures.  I’ll likely write a piece on him later, but for now I want to bring up something I saw on one of his posts a couple weeks ago.

Just a little over a week after the clinic closed, Wiersema posted about an interaction at a pizza place. Within the comment section (pictured below) was a response from Brian:

“It looks like one of the few was reaping the Harvest tonight! Good job Matthew praise God!

Hey Rob, hope you’re doing well. Are the group for the preborn coming to Marshfield anytime soon? They closed the local clinic down here about 2 weeks ago so Sam [Faust] and I are going to have to find a new place. They got one in Whitehall which is about 35 miles [emphasize added] and then we occasionally go to the murder Mill in Madison and join the Catholics over there.”


Apparently, it wasn’t enough for them to harass women for over two years at the Black River Falls location. Now they’re thinking about bothering the patients at another Essential Health clinic?!  For the quadrillion-th time, they’re not an abortion provider nor do they schedule abortions for women at an actual abortion provider!

The Rob mentioned in the comment is Rob Pue, founder and publisher for the Wisconsin Christian News. A photo for one of his From the Editor columns, “The Three Greatest Threats We’re Facing”, depicts the LGBT+ flag, abortion, and Islam. “First on the list is the demonic depiction of homosexuality” it says before it cuts itself off and requires a subscription to read the rest. Even without subscription access to the articles, I could piece together that he’s a Christian conservative with anti-abortion, anti-LGBT+, and anti-Muslim viewpoints similar to or exactly like Brian’s. Brian does enough imitation and bullying on his own…imagine if there’s another person that’s exactly like him to join him outside a clinic!

I wish these zealots would leave women alone. (Seriously, can they just leave women alone?!)

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