For once, some peace and quiet

I had an appointment at the women’s clinic today. There were two older ladies outside with their anti-abortion signs (I know one said “Pray to the end to abortion”.) I nearly slipped on the ice trying to rush past them in case they decided to try and make contact—I was not in the mood for potentially being approached with conversation.

I’m done with my appointment almost half an hour later. Before I head out the door, I prepare myself for being greeting by the presence of protesters by playing Lady Gaga on my headphones.

…except no one was out there. The sidewalk was empty. There wasn’t anybody holding their large anti-abortion signs to watch me as I headed across the street to the library to research and write.

But I know it won’t last long. I’m familiar with the local anti-choice schedule: typically, an older couple or two old ladies are there for the “first shift” while Faust and the ‘Dicktator’ take over to cover the rest of the clinic’s operating hours. I figured I had exited the building in-between rotating shifts. I peek out the window from time to time expecting the next shift to take over and parade around with their signs.

…but no one comes for the remaining hour and a half the clinic is open. It was…pleasant.

I hope for the day when things go back to the way they were almost two years ago. Women not getting harassed by those who think its their business to tell women their twisted version of the truth because they disagree with abortion. Women not having to rush past protesters as they head into their appointments and be confronted on their way out with anti-abortion propaganda pamphlets. This is how its supposed to be: a sidewalk not clogged with opinionated zealots and the front of a reproductive health care and family planning clinic.

In the meantime, I’ll take the second shift not showing up and enjoy it while it lasts.

I can’t remember the last time I seen the clinic like this for a long period of time during business hours.


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