Bible Donations

Lately, I haven’t been standing up to the tyrants outside my women’s clinic. Not directly, anyways.

Debating with protesters did distract them from doing their missionary work of harassing women, but it was exhausting debating with self-righteous, arrogant fools that act superior because of some belief that they are right with God. At one point, pro-life letters were pouring into the opinion section of the paper following my response to the “Beyonce letter”. While I felt the urge to write again, I stopped myself. I don’t have to fight every battle.

To quote Hatsumomo from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, “Sometimes the smartest remark is silence.”

Thus, for the moment, I quietly observe the protest on a bi-weekly basis and quietly enter my credit card information onto the Planned Parenthood website to make a one-time donation in honor of Pastor Faust so that a thank you card will be sent to his church. After what happened yesterday, I’m almost convinced my Planned Parenthood donations are getting on his nerves.

My husband called me to let me know a piece of mail from Gideons International came in. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but that’s the organization responsible for putting Bibles in hotel rooms. It turned out to be a thank you card saying someone had donated four Bibles in my honor.

There was only one person that would donate Bibles in my honor: Faust.

I can only assume he donated about $20 worth of Bibles thinking it would upset me because I’m an atheist and he probably assumes I have a problem with Christianity. Frankly, I’m amused, if anything. Why would I be upset about religious literature that teaches to serve the poor and needy and to love others? It’s not so much the teachings I have a problem with, but rather the way people have warped and ignored them to justify hate and discrimination. If Faust truly donated Bibles just to get back at me for the Planned Parenthood donations, then he wasted his money.