Beyonce and the Questioning of Pro-Life Advocates

Imagine the “WTF?” look on my face when I opened the newspaper to the Opinion section a few weeks ago and found a letter titled “Thank you, Beyonce”.

What was more absurd than the title of the letter was the actual letter, praising Beyonce for her “pro-life action” of somehow proving embryos are human beings simply for being a happily pregnant celebrity.

If you are looking for “proof” that a pregnant woman is carrying a baby, look no further than the Grammy Awards. Has Beyonce put on some weight? Why would an entertainer showcase her weight gain on national TV? It’s called a “baby bump.” This bump was the centerpiece of the night. Everyone watching went “Awww!”

Why would such a big deal be made for a glob of tissue that is like a tumor or a bad tooth that needs to be pulled? Doe Beyonce know it’s a baby (actually twins)? Has she seen a doctor? No doubt she has. No doubt she is taking special care (and precautions) to ensure the best prenatal development for these children.

How do they know there are twins? Because two heartbeats can be discerned and two little bodies show up in the ultrasound. Everyone knows the twins are living human beings. That’s why everyone was sharing in their joy. These babies are precious gifts to Beyonce (and JayZ) not because they are wanted, but because they are made in God’s image. That will never change even if parents or society doesn’t want them. If (God forbid) she was to lose her twin BABIES, it would truly be a tragedy and many would mourn with her. Why? Because we all know they are babies (right now) in the womb. She referred to her miscarriage in 2011 as “the saddest thing” she had ever endured and wrote music to cope with her loss. If it was just a glob of non-descript tissue that she lost, no one would care.

These babies are precious gifts to Beyonce, and she (and the world) are already giving them special treatment. Can’t we treat all babies as special and not snuff out their lives? Though she may never admit it, her action s(and viewer reaction) is very prolife.

Thank you, Beyonce!

Written by our local protester, the Pastor, of course. I bet he didn’t pay the slightest attention to the Queen Bey until he found a way to insert her into his pro-life agenda.

My mind attempted to process the letter, which had created more questions instead of answering existing ones.

“How can he deny that people celebrating has little to do with a woman being pregnant and almost everything to do with the pregnant woman being freaking Beyonce?”

“Would people even care if it wasn’t Beyonce?”

“How does a celebrity worth millions of dollars and can afford the best of the best for herself and every single child she has and still have millions left over compare to the average woman who might face uncertainty with an unplanned pregnancy?”

“Wait a minute…didn’t Beyonce support the Women’s March???”

A quick Google search on my phone revealed she did support the Women’s March and her campaign Chime for Change was also an official partner. She was even vilified by pro-life advocates for supporting the march, which stated was on the pro-choice platform. She was also a huge supporter of Barack Obama. She also supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and performed at one of her benefits. Both candidates are pro-choice so either a candidate being pro-choice is not a deal breaker for her or she is, in fact, pro-choice herself. So much for her “pro-life actions”.

The letter was published during my research for a piece that, at this time, I’m still working on. Part of the research involved looking into these pro-life groups—mainly the one the Pastor is the Jackson County chairman for—and seeing exactly what they do in terms of helping people. I know what these groups do based on previous research of the movement as a whole and my experiences with their advocates, but I did hope that by focusing on individual groups instead of the overall movement that I would find that they do more than make exaggerated claims about abortion and spread a pro-life message in conjunction with these claims. I wanted to be proven wrong. Instead, I wasn’t. I found that only the tiniest fraction of the pro-life movement actually involves helping others that need it, including the pregnant women they claim to want to help.

This bothers me quite a bit. Pro-life advocates don’t see the unborn as non-descript globs of tissue or fertilized eggs. They see them as people. They claim all lives are valuable. They see abortion as snuffing out human beings. So why is it none of their major efforts going into helping the children that are already born? They put so much focus into education on their version of abortion facts through billboards, pamphlets, and protests, but put practically zero efforts into ensuring that any babies that make it to term because of their efforts are taken care of. Pro-life advocates tout that 1.2 million lives are “lost” to abortion every year, but neglect to mention the millions more that are suffering because of things like poverty, hunger, homelessness, and other issues. The Pastor has certainly failed to mention this in any of his letters. It seems so strange to me that someone could preach about the “right to life” and be all about “saving lives”, but then not do anything to reflect those ideals.

I’ve read articles pointing out that the pro-life movement is made up of Christian hypocrites that are only “pro-life” until a certain point. Usually that point is after the baby is born or when he or she becomes anything that arrogant Christians find detestable. That’s why you likely won’t see pro-life Christians also advocating for other vulnerable groups like minorities, LGBT, non-Christians, etc. As a comic by Ronnie Richie asks, “So what you’re saying is…every child’s life matters….except for the ones that won’t grow up to be white, able, straight, cisgender, and further your views and ideas?”

So when I wrote my letter in response, I called pro-lifers (but mostly the Pastor) on this. And I may have been a little savage with my language because, at this point, I’m tired of being polite.

Sam Faust wrote another puff piece trying to convince the Banner Journal readers of person hood in the unborn that showcased in inability to research the topics he writes about and his ability to only cherry pick the information that supports his view regardless of its truthfulness.

Beyonce, who was thanked in his letter for her “prolife actions” of being happily pregnant, voiced her support for the Women’s March. The major sponsor was “pro-life enemy” Planned Parenthood. Chime for Change, a campaign she co-founded that aims to empower women, was also an official partner for the event. It didn’t seem to matter that the march declared it was on a pro-choice platform. Beyonce nor Chime for Change withdrew support when organizers decided to pull partnership from three pro-life groups. In addition, she was a support of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of which support the pro-choice agenda.

Judging by this, it seems Beyonce is pro-choice even if she personally wouldn’t choose the choice that pro-lifers across the country disagree with and feel the need to stalk, harass, and bully women outside of abortion clinics and family planning providers on a daily basis about it.

While Faust is bust recycling the same anti-abortion rhetoric in his letters and harassing female patients about their options, millions of post-birth children are being ignored. Every letter of his fails to mention the suffering of American children: 14.5 million in poverty, 13.1 million in food-insecure households, and 1.35-2.5 million homeless, etc. These numbers are greater than the yearly average of 1.2 million abortions. Aren’t these children’s lives at risk for being “snuffed out” or are they considered less special than their embryonic counterparts?

In the minds of pro-lifers, they’re not advocating for masses of tissue, but human beings. Yet, there aren’t major efforts in ensuring that human beings are taken care of. I find it ridiculous that a movement that makes a huge deal about the unborn and is about saving lives under the belief that fertilized eggs are people wouldn’t be helping people that have exited the birth canal. The pro-life group Faust is the Jackson County chairman for could be providing food, clothes, and shelter to those in need, but, instead, they felt erecting an anti-abortion billboard in town would better serve the needs of people. Maybe providing basic necessities is too Christ-life for them.

Also, if each human life is inherently valuable from conception to natural death, then what about minorities, LGBT, the non-Christian, etc.? Why aren’t sidewalk counselors handing out pamphlets explaining that it’s wrong to look down on someone because they don’t follow your religion or their skin isn’t pale? Where are the pro-life protests in support of gays being treated equally and fairly? How about billboards with statistics on suicide rates among trans-gender individuals? When certain groups consistently face discrimination, bullying, and exclusion doesn’t that make them vulnerable and in need of protection? Or are these lives only relevant to the pro-life movement when an example of human suffering—such as the Holocaust or slavery— is needed to compare abortion rates to? Perhaps the lack of pro-life protection stems from many of these conservative Christians often being the ones that mock and judge certain individuals.

“Pro-life” should re-brand itself as “pro-birth” and “pro-Christian-life”, considering that their value on life appears to have some restrictions and a nine-month expiration date. If they want to continue honestly labeling themselves as pro-life, they should be following the words of Joycelyn Elders, “We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children.”

The three responses that followed the next two weeks didn’t take too kindly to me daring to question their pro-life and Christian beliefs and what they actually do in response to those beliefs. Not unlike some previous responses to past letters, my personal thoughts on the subject were called erroneous and absurd. One letter blasted me for somehow completely missing the point of the Pastor’s letter while missing the point that I was trying to make about the pro-life movement being too consumed with spreading anti-abortion rhetoric to actually save lives and help others like they claim they do. One letter tried to defend that they do help people and they just don’t brag about it (apparently bragging about pro-life accomplishments is okay). The “Absolute Bullshit Award” goes to the one who tried suggesting that Margaret Sanger was a HUGE racist due her eugenics beliefs and purposely put these Planned Parenthood clinics in low income and black neighborhoods as part of some African American extermination…..despite the fact that she believed race and ethnicity SHOULDN’T determine “undesirable traits” as part of her eugenic beliefs and how birth control clinics were set up in black neighborhoods because African American leaders and professionals reached out to her because they saw a need for birth control in their communities.

The sad thing is I expected this kind of response. I wish one of them had half a brain to ask, “Why do you think that? What has led you to this conclusion about what we do?” Then again, I don’t think they know how to question. I think that they take the face value of what these pro-life groups put out without question regardless of how much truth is in it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that these people automatically assume that I haven’t done the research on what their side puts out and am just repeating things pro-choice groups say. Its a bit disappointing, to say the least.

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