The Power of Five Dollars

If you recall my previous post, it’s been a full year since the protesters showed up at my women’s healthcare clinic. To commemorate this awful occasion, I decided to make Planned Parenthood donations in the Pastor’s honor whenever the protesters show up so that Planned Parenthood would have to send a certificate to his church.

True to their stubborn and bothersome nature, protesters continue to show up like clockwork on a bi-weekly basis. And true to my word, I have put a $5 online donation to Planned Parenthood in the Pastor’s honor as I sit in the library across the street watching the sidewalk crusaders march around with their signage.

I figured at some point I might be confronted about it considering I assumed the certificates sent to the Pastor might say something to the effect of “Sam Simmons’ Planned Parenthood donation was made in your honor. Yay!” What I never expected was mail being sent to my home address, which is precisely what happened the Thursday after my third donation was made.

I had been sent a carbon copy of a letter he had written to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. It was written the day before it was sent. It reads:

Dear Ms. Richards,

I was encouraged to receive a notice from your organization informing me of a donation made in my honor by Sam Simmons. Part of my encouragement stems from the fact that Sam is a low income worker at our local Wal-mart who is very talented at her job. She stands up for her convictions and I count her my friend, though we often disagree (even exchanging letters in the local newspaper).

Another part of my encouragement comes from the fact that such a notice is more proof that PP has no need of public, taxpayer funds in order to operate. Your own report attributes $1.3 billion in revenue from private donations which include corporations like Soros Fund, Exxon-Mobile, AT&T, Bank of America, Microsoft, PepsiCo (I could go on, but you know the list). When you listed donor corporations on your website )(like Coca-Cola, Ford Motor, & Xerox), they denied donating and you pulled their names. So which was it, Ms. Richards? Did you deceive by posting non-donors or did they lie to disassociate from your disgraced organization?

I say disgraced, not only due to the gristly (now exposed) practice of selling baby parts, but also the pattern of deception you employ. Your deceptive (& bogus) claims demonstrate your lack of scruples in a quest for financial gain. Here are three:

  • “Abortion is only 3% of what we do!” This would be like the Green Bay Packers claiming that football is less than 1% of what they do since they sell much more food and clothes than they ever do game tickets.
  • You spoke on national TV about PP performing mammograms, though you told Congress under oath the PP owns ZERO mammogram machines.
  • You claim to offer prenatal care, though its available at only 5 od the 650 health centers.

How are private donations coming so far in 2017? Elaine Wynn went “on record” with her $1 million donation. Whenever funding is at risk numerous million and billionaire celebrities brag about their giving. This is all more proof that you don’t need public fund to kill babies. Between the billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros, and Warren Buffet and indigent Walmart workers like Sam Simmons, your abortion business will NEVER need to use public/taxpayer funds. Sam is a hard and effective worker who sadly has been manipulated by your deceptive PR campaigns. You should return her donation encouraging her to use it for her daily needs and let the “deep pocket” billionaires fund the murder of babies in the womb.

Perhaps I should let you in a way to score $5,000. I’m giving this prize to anyone who can produce a medical textbook that proves a baby in the mother’s womb is part of her anatomy (for those nine months she has two heads, four arms, four legs, and if the baby is a boy, she has male reproductive organs.) The money is sage because we all know the baby is NOT a part of the woman’s anatomy any more than a quarter is if she swallows it.

My hope (and prayer) is that more and more moms will choose life for their babies so PP, though never lacking in funds, will have to pursue other ways to make money.


Pastor Samuel Faust


First off…I know I don’t make a lot of money, but—goddamn!—he made me out to be destitute vagrant scrapping the bottom of the barrel! Not sure where he gets the idea that we’re friends other than that “love thy neighbor” or “love your enemies, too” Christian beliefs, but my real friends would never describe me in such an insulting way. At least, I think it was supposed to be insulting considering the reaction from my husband and a co-worker who read the letter. My husband went into husband-mode over it because he found it belittling to his wife while my co-worker said, “What an ASS! Who is this guy?!” (I don’t think I’ve ever heard her swear before this moment). I don’t find it insulting because I’d have to value his opinion.

Also, if the Pastor wants to talk about disgraced organizations that employ deceptive methods in order to manipulative people he should look at his own pro-life group and the crisis pregnancy center he supports. For example, the vast majority of the CPC’s I’ve looked into (so far) had two websites: a “secret” website for donors laying out its pro-life goals and Christian bias and an official website that strips away any religious references and replaces it with pro-choice and helpful language to make themselves appear like a family planning center.  Not to mention, PP hasn’t been found to sell “baby parts” and the man who made the heavily edited hoax video that pro-life supporters blindly believe and were outraged at was recently charged on multiple counts over it.

But most importantly, how the Hell did he get my address? He does know a little about me through discussions I’ve had with him outside the clinic to distract him from doing his protest work, but my home address was not one such thing he learned. I’ve contacted Planned Parenthood to double check and see if maybe my address was listed on the certificate or if he was somehow able to contact them and obtain that info that way. I have yet to hear back from them, but I find it highly unlikely after looking at their privacy policy. I’m also not listed in the phone book. My guess is he did a little digging on me. I didn’t even go as far as to send the PP honor donation certificates to his house, instead opting to use his church’s address seeing as its fairly public knowledge due to it being listed in the newspaper every week along with the other local churches in the area (plus, his contact info came up during research on a couple pro-life organizations not having known beforehand he was associated with them). Personally I’m not worried anything will happen now that he has my address, but I find it a little disturbing he knows where I live.

I’m still going to make minimal donations to Planned Parenthood, which I’ll assume will be a bi-weekly thing if the protesters keep schedule. A little carbon copy letter isn’t going to stop this “indigent” activist and I hope he enjoys the $5 donations made in his name.

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