Donate to PP in Pastor’s Honor

March officially marks a full year since…ugh…the protesters showed up at my women’s clinic.

The zealots are still as stubborn as ever, showing up with their signs for the short amount of time the Essential Health clinic is open every other Wednesday to harass any female patients about abortion…

…despite the clinic not performing abortion services and wanting to help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies that could end with abortion by offering birth control to women, mind you.

Leading this pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing is the Pastor, a man who is very active in the prolife movement. His prolife accomplishments includes leading the yearly Life Chain at the local bridge, funding two anti-abortion billboards for a year with church funds, being the chairman for the Jackson county Chapter for the Wisconsin Right to Life (WRTL), leaving cards at the library for a lying crisis pregnancy center, and writing absurd opinion letters for the newspaper. None of these efforts have shown to be of any actual help to the women he bothers the crap out of on a bi-weekly basis.

Back in November, women were encouraged to make donations in Vice President Mike Pence’s name to Planned Parenthood. 82,000 donations were made in Pence’s name. Reportedly, for each donation made in Pence’s honor he received a thank you note from Planned Parenthood (which cannot be used for the purposes of a tax deduction either).  The act of donating in Pence’s name was a big “fuck you” to the new presidential administration that seeks to chip away at reproductive rights and women’s health, which Pence did when he was governor.

In honor of the anniversary when protesters started harassing female patients, I will essentially “Mike Pence” the Pastor by making small donations to Planned Parenthood for every week the protesters are at the clinic. I could have PP send the thank you letters to his house as his phone numbers are listed with the WRTL and the Life Chain and it would be easy to find the numbers in the white pages to get an address. Instead, I’ll use the address for his church, which is listed along with the other area churches every week in the paper. He wants to bother women at their trusted healthcare provider so I’ll be a bother at his trusted place of worship.

I only wish my own clinic had something similar in terms of honor donations, but I also support Planned Parenthood and feel that if we don’t stop the crusade against them then places like my clinic will be next for “de-funding”.