Billboards or Help? Pt. 2

In my post Billboards or Help?, I wondered if the Pastor had something to do with the newly erected Wisconsin Life to Right anti-abortion billboard. I’m even more convinced he did have involvement with it as I recently found he’s the chairperson for the Wisconsin Right to Life’s Jackson County chapter.

This speculation came from the fact his church had sponsored TWO anti-abortion billboards in 2013. I incorrectly stated these billboards were from the Wisconsin Right to Life when in fact they’re from Pro-Life Across America. I apologize for the error and made a correction note in the post.


In my original post, I wondered how much one of these billboards would cost. While researching a little about this Prolife Across America, a pro-life Christian group that just deals with anti-abortion advertising, I actually did find some average costs for these billboards. According to their FAQS,  “The average cost of a billboard is $500 to $3000 per month – depending upon the size of the billboard and the number of people who will see the ad on a frequent basis (artwork and production costs not included).”

Assuming these numbers could apply to billboard erected in a small town area, the Pastor’s church could have paid $12,000-$72,000 for both billboards. I’m assuming the costs were on the lower end of the price range. Still, even the cheapest amount is a LOT of money.

For arguments sake, let’s assume the two billboards cost the lowest amount of $12,000. What could have $12,000 paid for besides an expensive billboard?

I suggested money that goes to one of these billboards could have been better invested in women’s health clinics that help to reduce unintended pregnancies. With $12,000, Essential Health could have provided one of the following:

*A year’s worth of oral contraceptives to 240 women.

*160,000 condoms. Every individual who came to Essential Health for medical care in 2015 could have received 32 condoms.

*An IUD, which offers up to ten years of pregnancy prevention, to 24 women.

*48 comprehensive sexual education presentations

These pro-life groups are so concerned about saving babies yet hardly (if any) of their efforts go into things that would help women take care of their babies if they decide not to have an abortion. Baby Center’s “First Year Baby Costs Calculator” roughly estimates that to raise a baby through the first year costs $10,398. This is including “moderately priced” regular daycare for six months. If regular childcare isn’t needed, this cost goes down to $5,790. Instead of paying for an expensive anti-abortion billboard, the money could have paid for ALL the costs of one baby for the first year (two babies if daycare is not needed) and still have money leftover. 

$12,000 could have provided one of the following (based off prices and no taxes included):

*480 cans of 1.4lb Similac formula ($24.98 a can). Assuming a baby goes through about a can a week, this would provide 20 babies with six months worth of formula.

*20,512 4oz tubs of Gerber baby food (2pk for $1.17). Assuming a baby on solid food eats 3 times a day, this would provide 37 babies with six months worth of baby food.

*254 boxes of Pampers 252pk diapers ($47.19 a box). I’ve read a baby goes through 3,000 diapers in a year (give or take) so this would provide a year’s worth of diapers to 21 babies.

What would have been the best way to use that sort of money in order to help or save lives?

Two anti-abortion billboards that may have zero effect on some people or guaranteeing that at least 20 babies get enough formula and solid food to be fed for an entire year?

Two anti-abortion billboards that may have zero effect on some people or covering the costs of contraceptives for 24-240 women so that they are much less likely to be in the situation of having an unintended pregnancy that may end in abortion?

The answer should be obvious especially to those who claim they are there to help those in need. But, as I stated in the original post, that would require pro-lifers to get their heads out of their Bibles so they can use their brain and think of ways to reduce abortion rates that doesn’t involve guilt, deception, religion, or laws that stomp all over women’s reproductive rights. It also would require a sense of actually giving a damn about the babies they “save from the abortion mills” once they are out of the womb.