Billboards or Help?


Next to the new Arby’s building that sits on the other side of the Walmart parking lot is this newly erected eyesore of a billboard. As if we didn’t have enough of these damned anti-abortion propaganda billboards from Wisconsin Right to Life around the outskirts of town. I must admit my automatic response upon seeing it was letting out a disgruntled shriek with some obscenities and a middle finger before I could form any legible words that expressed how I felt about it.

There’s a part of me that wonders if the Pastor’s church helped to fund this anti-abortion billboard like they did in 2013 when they paid for TWO of the Wisconsin Right to Life billboards. But mostly, I wonder about the money.

I’m not an expert in the cost of billboard advertisements and I know we’re a smaller resort-type town, but this couldn’t have been cheap. It seems like it would be a prime location with it being a short distance from the downtown area, right next to a Walmart, near the gas stations and fast food restaurants, and on the way to the interstate exit, casino, and the hotels. Better location = more expensive.

Where does the money to put up these damned billboards come from?

How much was paid to put this up?

Did it cost hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Could that money been put to better use?

Maybe instead of plastering abortion statistics or their twisted versions of fetal development facts on giant advertising displays in attempt to shame people about abortion, they could be putting that money towards things that would actually be beneficial to their cause and the women they claim they want to help.

Their advertising might guilt some pregnant women into not getting an abortion, but it doesn’t make the problems women—particularly low income or single women—face during pregnancy or once the baby is born disappear. Perhaps the money could be put into programs that provide assistance to low income and single mothers. It would likely help reduce abortion rates as there are women who would carry their pregnancies to term if they felt they were financially stable enough to take care of a child. At the very least, it would help to ensure that the babies this group wants to save are provided for. Or is making sure babies have clothes, food, and shelter such a trivial thing to these pro-life advocates? Or do they expect all the underprivileged mothers to give up their babies to middle class couples?

An even better idea would be supporting a women’s clinic so low income women can get contraceptives she wouldn’t be able to afford herself so she can avoid an unintended pregnancy that may end in abortion in the first place. According to Essential Health (the women’s clinic in our town), $50 will provide one woman with a year of oral contraceptives, $75 will provide 1000 condoms, and $500 will give one woman up to 10 years of pregnancy prevention with an IUD. $250 will pay the clinic to give a presentation so that our youth can be educated on sex so they’re less likely to be in the position of an unintended pregnancy.

Oh wait. I forgot. That would require pro-lifers to get their heads out of their Bibles so they can use their brain and think of ways to reduce abortion rates that doesn’t involve guilt, deception, religion, or laws that stomp all over women’s reproductive rights. Or actually giving a shit about the babies they save once they’re out of the womb.


CORRECTION: I stated that the billboards around the outskirts of town, including the two the Pastor’s church sponsored in 2013, are from the Wisconsin Right to Life. They’re actually from Pro-Life Across America. I apologize for the error.

Additionally, I recently found the Pastor is the chairperson of the Wisconsin Right to Life chapter for Jackson County. Therefore, I think he had more involvement in getting this eyesore erected than I initially speculated.

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