Reproductive Rights Questionable with Trump Presidency

These are troubling times for women’s reproductive rights.

In the wake of Trump becoming our president elect, there has been a surge in women getting IUDs, a long term birth control that’s inserted into the uterus. Women’s rights advocates have even been suggesting that women get an IUD before Trump’s inauguration. The point being that its birth control that will last through Donald Trump’s first term in office (two terms for the copper models). Women are scared of the backwards steps he’ll make to women’s reproductive rights.

Their fears seem justified. Trump picked Governor Mike Pence to be Vice President, a man who has signed every anti-abortion law to come across his desk. After the election concluded, Pence confirmed that the Trump presidency would work to reverse the birth control mandate requiring insurance companies to include birth control in their coverage. Trump himself has made comments about plans to de-fund Planned Parenthood, picking justices that would reverse Roe v. Wade, and punishing women who got abortions. He’s spread the common misconception of “9 month abortions” at the presidential debates, which got gullible people riled up and activists trying to set the record straight.

I’ve had people tell me “Oh, he won’t be able to do that” and “He’ll have too many hoops to jump through.” I consider it wishful thinking as attacks have already been made to women’s reproductive health and conservative law makers continue to do so despite any “hoops”.

*Here in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker made cuts to family planning funding. It caused five family planning clinics to close down.

*When the birth control mandate passed, Hobby Lobby fought it by citing religious reasons for not wanting to provide birth control methods that THEY—not facts or science—believed caused abortion on their company’s insurance. And won.

*Laws have been passed under the guise that it helps women’s health when actually its purpose is to make getting an abortion harder or force otherwise up-to-code abortion providers to shut down. These are known as Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers laws (TRAP laws for short).

*Some tax dollars (YOUR tax dollars, mind you) go into the unregulated pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers that are able to lie to women about abortion and birth control because they are protected by free speech.

*As governor, Pence took $3.5 million from the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and gave it to the anti-abortion group “Real Alternatives”, which lies to women about abortion and spreads their message through Crisis Pregnancy Centers that also lie to women about abortion.

*Pence tried passing a bill that would have forced women who got an abortion to hold funerals for their terminated fetuses.

This is not a complete list of things that have been done against women’s reproductive rights.

I’d like to believe I can breathe easy and assume the things the president elect and his anti-choice VP pick are proposing cannot be done. But I am unable to knowing of the measures taken against women’s reproductive rights. I’m deeply worried that the Trump presidency will find a way through TRAP laws or some other loophole they can jump through.

Even if Trump and Pence are truly unable to make their intended plans a reality, I cannot ignore they stated they wanted to go forward with them. This is not a president or vice president that’s for the rights of women.


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